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  • 26 Nov 2013
  • 20 Dec 2013
  • Launceston, University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania

Lecturer level B or Senior Lecturer level C (comparable to North American ‘Assistant Professor’)

Continuing appointment (i.e. tenure track)

AOS: Healthcare Ethics

AOC: Applied Ethics

Workload: full-time

Location: Launceston, Tasmania

Job Description:

This position is in the Philosophy Program within the School of Humanities. The incumbent will be accountable to the Head of the School of Humanities. The School seeks to appoint a lecturer or senior lecturer in the areas of health care ethics, to conduct research in applied ethics, to teach into the Philosophy major and, to collaborate with the Faculty of Health Science in the design, co-ordination and delivery of health ethics units.  Candidates will have a PhD, a good record of research activity in applied ethics, teaching experience and the capacity to use emerging technology in online learning and teaching. The successful applicant will undertake teaching and administrative duties associated with the Bachelor of Nursing unit CNA308 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care, and will also be expected to contribute to development, design and delivery of further units in applied and professional ethics.

Apply on-line at position reference 543

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