Values Statement

The Australasian Association of Philosophy exists to promote philosophy and the exchange of philosophical ideas in Australasia, and to support professional philosophers in their philosophical activity. The following values guide the strategy of the Association, and the actions of individuals who work or volunteer for us. 


We are principled, fair, and consistent in our policy and in our treatment of individuals. We are rigorous and evidence-based in the activities we undertake and the support we allocate, and aim to foster philosophical excellence in all we do. We welcome the scrutiny of our members and the broader community.


We are objective and impartial in our promotion of high quality philosophical activity, and respect and welcome the diversity of philosophical traditions evident in Australasian philosophy. We recognise that historical injustice in opportunities to access philosophical activity has shaped the present state of the discipline and those who are involved in it, and acknowledge our duty to encourage the engagement and participation in philosophical activity of members of historically underrepresented groups.


Our existence depends on the community of Australasian philosophers, and we value and respect the generosity of members who volunteer for the Association. We do all we can to maintain the freedom of philosophers to carry out their philosophical work, and to support members and others in activities which promote philosophy and grow our philosophical community. We are bold in defending the value and importance of philosophical work, and forthright in making the case for the benefits of philosophical training for society at large.

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