Improving the Participation of Women in the Philosophy Profession (IPWPP)

The Project, 'Improving the Participation of Women in the Philosophy Profession', commissioned in 2007 and overseen by a Committee of Senior Academics Addressing the Status of Women in the Philosophy Profession, had the following main aims:

  • Data collection and analysis to identify the key stages in women’s education or careers in those cases where they either leave Philosophy or stall in their careers; and the
  • Preparation of a report based on the collected information that could be used to frame future strategies for enhancing women’s participation in all levels of academic Philosophy.

The project was supported by a Vice Chancellor's Challenge Grant from the University of Wollongong and the Australasian Association of Philosophy. Heads of Australasian Philosophy programs gave their formal support to the project.

The IPWPP Report was tabled at the AAP AGM in 2008. At this meeting it was supported by the membership. AAP Council resolved to monitor the implementation of the Report and established the Standing Committee for Women in Philosophy for this, and other purposes.

Download the IPWPP Report

Citation for the Report:
Goddard, Eliza (2008), Improving the participation of Women in the Philosophy Profession, on behalf of Susan Dodds, Lynda Burns, Mark Colyvan, Frank Jackson, Karen Jones, and Catriona Mackenzie.

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