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Australasian Philosophical Review is a new and exciting journal in Open Peer Commentary format. It publishes significant and controversial invited lead articles by authors from all areas of philosophy, together with invited and open peer commentaries on those invited lead articles, and authors' responses to those commentaries.

Each issue has a different curator, (chosen by a committee of the Australasian Association of Philosophy); the curator is responsible for the choice of the authors of the invited lead article and the invited commentaries.

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Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries

Lead Author: Mary Kate McGowan                                                                          

Theme: Political Philosophy

Lead Article: “Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm: An Overview and an Application”

Curator: Sarah Sorial

Invited commentaries from:  Robert Mark Simpson, Caroline West, Ishani Maitra, Jeremy Waldron

Commentary Proposals due 1 May 2020. 

Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued 25 May 2020.

Full-length commentaries due 10 August 2020.

Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries

Lead Author: Katherine Dormandy

Theme: Philosophy of Religion

Lead Article: 

True Faith: Against Doxastic Partiality about Faith (in God and Religious Communities)

and in Defense of Evidentialism

Curator: Helen De Cruz

Invited commentaries from: Eva Schmidt, Samuel Lebens, Blake McAllister

Panel: Alexandra Romanyshyn, Ian Kidd

Commentary Proposals for APR DE CRUZ due 3 April 2020.

Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued 1 May 2020.

Full-length commentaries due 8 July 2020.


Lead Author: Genevieve Lloyd

Theme: Spinoza Today

Lead Article: Reconsidering Spinoza’s ‘Rationalism’

Curator: Joanne Faulkner

Invited commentaries from: Moira Gatens, Sandra Field

Panel: Joanne Faulkner, Renee England, Bryan Mukandi, Yves Saint James Aquino

Commentary Proposals for APR FAULKNER due 31January 2020

Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued 28 February 2020

Full-length commentaries due 30 June 2020

Glen Pettigrove


Lead Author: Glen Pettigrove

Theme: Ethics

Lead Article: What Virtue Adds to Value

Curator: Matheson Russell

Invited commentaries from: Andrew Pinsent, Rebecca Stangl

Commentary Proposals for 4.2 RUSSELL are due 02 December 2019.

Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued 16 December 2019.

Full-length commentaries due 16 February 2020.


Lead Author: Avner de Shalit

Theme: Political Philosophy

Lead Article: Political Philosophy and What People Think

Curator: Elisabeth Ellis

Invited commentaries from: Bas van der Vossen, Jo Wolff, Colleen Murphy

Commentary Proposals for 4.4 ELLIS due 22 November 2019.

Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words issued 6 December 2019.

Full-length commentaries due 6 February 2020.


Lead Author: John Broome

Theme: Reasons and Rationality 

Lead Article: "Rationality versus Normativity"

Curator: Garrett Cullity

Invited commentaries from: Nomy Arpaly, Krister Bykvist, Benjamin Kiesewetter, Julia Markovits, Hille Paakkunainen.    

Commentary Proposals for APR 5.1 due 15 November 2019.

Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words issued 15 December 2019.

Full-length commentaries due 17 February 2020.

Editorial Board

Andrew Benjamin (Monash), Jacqueline Broad (Monash)Stephen Davies (Auckland)

Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern)Lisa Ellis (Otago)John Finnis (Oxford)Jay Garfield (Smith)

Moira Gatens (Sydney)Fiona Jenkins (ANU)Mark Johnston (Princeton)Karen Jones (Melbourne)

Marguerite La Caze (Queensland)Karyn Lai (UNSW)Chenyang Li (NTU)Cathay Liu (Yale/NUS)

Jeff Malpas (Tasmania)Alex Miller (Otago)Kristie Miller (Sydney)Paul Patton (UNSW)Laurie Paul (Chapel Hill)

Michael Pelczar (NUS)Philip Pettit (Princeton)Emma Rush (CSU)Peter Singer (Princeton)

Christine Swanton (Auckland)Brian Weatherson (Michigan)Caroline West (Sydney)John Williams (SMU)

Managing Editor: Professor Graham Oppy

APR Advisory Committee

Justine Kingsbury (Waikato University), Nichola Smith (Macquarie University),

Amber Carpenter (National University of Singapore - Yale)

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The materials provided to you as a commentator are not to be copied or reproduced; nor are they to be transmitted to any third party in any format. They are available to you for the sole purpose of preparing a proposal for commentary.

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