Life Membership

The Australasian Association of Philosophy is pleased to announce a new membership category. Life membership is available for a one-time dues payment of $4,000 AUD (incl. GST). Life members have all the normal benefits of membership, and will remain members of the AAP and receive all benefits of membership for the rest of their lives, without further dues payments. 

Life membership dues are directed to the AAP's endowment, so life members have the benefit of knowing that their contribution will be sustaining the AAP and our charitable mission in perpetuity. Life membership enables the AAP continue to grow and improve, providing more and better services to our members, and becoming more effective in supporting philosophy in Australasia. Life members will have their membership marked by the Association as part of our annual recognition of donors, if they wish. 

While the AAP is not able to register as a deductible gift recipient, individuals may be able to claim a tax deduction for their AAP membership dues, depending on the rules around tax deductions for subscriptions to work-related associations in your tax jurisdiction. Special rules may apply to lifetime memberships. The AAP is unable to provide advice to individual members on tax deductions, so we recommend you consult a tax professional.

If you would like more information on life memberships of the AAP, the Administrative Officer would be happy to assist you:

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