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The AAP has supported the following projects:

The AAP provides support for projects which promote the study of philosophy in Australasia, and assists in the coordination of professional activities.

Supporting Indigenous Participation in Academic Philosophy in Australasia 2023


 Forward Thinking - Learning and Teaching Philosophy in Australian Universities 2010

The project records the state of tertiary teaching of philosophy in Australia and provides benchmarking data on philosophy at the following levels: teaching academics, the structure and composition of the philosophy major, and the teaching of philosophy from first year or "service" units/subjects, through the Honours year and into postgraduate study.

 Improving the Participation of Women in the Philosophy Profession  2008


The Project identifies the key stages in women’s education or careers in those cases where they either leave Philosophy or stall in their careers, in order to frame future strategies for enhancing women’s participation in all levels of academic Philosophy.

A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand

Accessible online and in hard copy by Monash University Publishing, the Companion. edited by Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis, contains a wide range of articles contributed by prominent philosophers and scholars, and includes biographical essays on selected philosophers, topics and controversies, as well as shorter entries on associations, research centres, departments, journals, pedagogy, and international links.

What is Philosophy? video

This video offers an excellent introduction to some of the central problems in philosophy, philosophical methodology and the study of philosophy in contemporary universities.

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