AAP Newsletter February 2023

Message from the CEO


  • 2023 AAP Conference – call for abstracts and streams

  • 2023 Australasian Philosophy Postgraduate Conference (APPC) – call for bids to host

  • Gwen Nettlefold Memorial Lecture

  • What Good Is Philosophy? – A Benefit Conference for Ukraine

Prizes – call for entries

  • Annette Baier Prize

  • Innovation in Inclusive Curriculum Prize

  • Media Prize

  • Media Professionals’ Award

Grants – call for applications

  • 2023 Postgraduate Conference Fund 


  • Australasian Journal of Philosophy – EOI for Associate Editors 

  • Australasian Philosophical Review – Issue 5.3 & 5.4 + Call for Open Peer Commentaries for issues with lead Article by Dan Zahavi and lead article by Danielle Celermajer

  • Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Australasia – Volume IV + Winner of Best Paper and Best Paper (Member of an Underrepresented Group in Philosophy)  

Committee News

  • Philosopher’s Zone episodes

  • Online magazine Sagacity

  • Undergraduate committee survey

Awards and Honours

  • The Honourable Pamela Tate KC AM FAHA – Australia Day Honours

Jobs, PhD positions & Volunteer roles – calls for applications

  • Macquarie University – Lecturer in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence 

  • University of Otago – Pūkenga / Lecturer in Bioethics and Philosophy

  • University of Tasmania – PhD positions

  • AAP –  EOI CEO

Program Events – upcoming

Message from the CEO

This is the first newsletter for 2023, our centenary year. Happy New Year everyone. What a year to be a member of the AAP! The theme for the year is Celebrating Australasian Philosophy--Bridging the Past, Present, and Future. Expect every newsletter this year to highlight celebration events and acknowledgements of the contributions of Australasian Philosophy and Philosophers over the last 100 years.

In this newsletter we are opening submissions for abstracts of papers, panel sessions, and author meets critic sessions for our 2023 conference at the ACU in Melbourne. It’s going to be big! So, get your submissions in early. After several years of online conferences, it’s the perfect year to get together in person again to engage safely in good philosophy and camaraderie. But for those of you who feel unsafe or are unable to attend in person, the great news is that this year (and in future years) we will be running a separate online conference shortly after the in-person event. In this way, we hope to meet the needs and desires of all of our members to be maximally inclusive.

I dearly hope to see you all at some point this year, and get an opportunity to share with you in the celebrations.

Stuart Brock AAP CEO


2023 AAP Centenary Conference - Celebrating Australasian Philosophy - Bridging the Past, Present and Future

Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia


Held annually since 1923, the 2023 Conference will be held in-person hosted by the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy and School of Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, 2 - 6 July 2023.

The conference is designed to give professional philosophers and philosophy postgraduate students the opportunity to present and discuss papers in all areas of philosophy. Each year the conference attracts around 300 philosophers worldwide.

2023 marks the 100th year of the Association, and the 100th annual conference of the organisation.  To celebrate this milestone, we have a theme for this year's conference: Celebrating Australasian Philosophy - Bridging the Past, Present, and Future. Submissions of abstracts or streams that address this theme are especially welcome.

Keynote speakers for this event include:

  • Jacqueline Broad - Monash University

  • Rae Langton - University of Cambridge

  • Melissa Merritt - University of New South Wales, Winner of the 2022 Annette Baier Prize

  • Katie Steele - Australian National University

  • Krushil Watene - University of Auckland

The Presidential Address will be given by Graham Oppy - Monash University.


We welcome submissions in all areas of philosophy. Abstracts can be submitted for papers, panel sessions,  and author meets critics including multi-author panel presentations. We look forward to an outstanding slate of keynote speakers, as well as talks from fantastic philosophers from around the world.


Should you and your colleagues have an idea for a stream to be offered at the conference, please have the stream convenor contact the conference committee convenor at conference@aap.org.au, with the following details: (1) the title of the stream and (2) the people who will be giving presentations in the stream. The presenters will have to submit an abstract through the usual portal, but they should do so only after the stream convenor has contacted the conference committee convenor. The submission portal will contain a menu of streams, and the presenter should choose the stream in which they will present.

Key dates:

Postgraduate Presentation Prize: May 2023

Abstract submission: 23 May 2023

Subsidy applications (Postgraduate and Undergraduate): 30 May 2023

Early Bird Registration: 6 June 2023

2023 AAP Conference organisers: Dmitri Gallow, Nick Munn, Joe Ulatowski

2023 Australasian Philosophy Postgraduate Conference (APPC) – call for bids to host

The AAP postgraduate committee would like to welcome bids to host the 2023 Australasian Philosophy Postgraduate Conference (APPC). 

The APPC allows postgraduate students from Australasia to present their work, debate their ideas, receive feedback from peers, and form collaborations across institutions.

It also presents an opportunity for postgraduate students from a chosen institution to organise this fantastic event to build their skill set, enhance their academic CV and contribute to the important landscape of Australasian philosophy.

We are looking for a group of dedicated postgraduate students from an Australasian university to form an organising committee to bring this event to life.

The AAP postgraduate committee has run this conference online for the past three years and is now excited to help transition this event back to an on-campus experience. We are here to provide as much support and guidance as necessary!

You can find further information about the hosting requirements and expectations in our 2023 hosting guide. We encourage any questions to be sent to our contact email address, postgraduates@aap.org.au

Gwen Nettlefold Memorial Lecture

Presented by Melissa Merritt on the topic ‘“Everyone has a price at which he sells himself”: Epictetus and Kant on Self-Respect

8 March 2023 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEDT

University of Tasmania at the Hedberg 19-27 Campbell Street Hobart, TAS 7000

For those who are unable to attend in person, there is a Zoom option, and the Zoom details are accessible upon registration.


What Good Is Philosophy? – A Benefit Conference for Ukraine

17–19 March 2023


The conference will be produced by the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. It is being sponsored by the AAP. And it will be broadcast on Munk School's YouTube channel (with someAustralian viewing times) on 17-19 March 2023. It can also be streamed here:

Keynotes will be delivered by world-renowned author, Margaret Atwood, one of the most celebrated scholars of Ukrainian history, Timothy Snyder, and two of Ukraine’s preeminent public intellectuals, Mychailo Wynnyckyj and Volodymyr Yermolenko.

Lectures will also be given by some of the most influential philosophers writing today, including Peter Adamson, Elizabeth Anderson, Seyla Benhabib, Judith Butler, Agnes Callard, Quassim Cassam, Tim Crane, Simon Critchley, David Enoch, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Sally Haslanger, Angie Hobbs, Barry Lam, Melissa Lane, Dominic Lopes, Kate Manne, Jeff McMahan, Jennifer Nagel, Philip Pettit, Kieran Setiya, Jason Stanley, Timothy Williamson, and Jonathan Wolff.

This benefit conference is designed to provide individual academics, members of the public, colleges and universities, professional associations, charitable foundations, and private companies with a way to support students, scholars, and civic institutions in Ukraine. With that said, you can make a one-time tax-deductible donation here:

Prizes – call for entries

Annette Baier Prize - The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) offers an annual prize of $500 for an outstanding philosophical paper or book chapter published by an Australasian woman during the previous calendar year. 
Closing date: 28 February 2023 6.00pm AEDT
Eligibility, Judging Criteria and online entry form available HERE:


AAP Prize for Innovation in Inclusive Curricula - The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) offers an annual monetary prize of $500 for the development of innovative approaches to teaching philosophy.
Closing date: 28 February 2023 6.00pm AEDT
Eligibility, Judging Criteria and online entry form available HERE: 


AAP Media Prize - The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) offers an annual prize of $500 for the best philosophical piece(s) published by a professional philosopher in the popular media in Australasia during the previous calendar year. 
Closing date: 28 February 2023 6.00pm AEDT
Eligibility, Judging Criteria and online entry form available HERE: 


AAP Media Professionals' Award - The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) offers an occasional award of $500 to journalists and other media professionals for excellence in the presentation of philosophy or philosophical issues in the media in the previous calendar year. 
Closing date: 28 February 2023 6.00pm AEDT
Award Eligibility, Judging Criteria and online entry form available HERE:


2023 AAP Postgraduate Conference Fund - call for applications 

The AAP Postgraduate Conference Fund is created to support conferences, workshops, seminars, and other similar events on philosophical topics that are organised by postgraduate members of the Association.  Such events can be directed at an audience of philosophers or at a wider public. 

Applicants must submit a proposal to the Association which includes a description of the proposed conference, a draft budget, Department declaration of support and nomination by a Faculty sponsor. In addition, Faculty sponsors should provide a brief confidential evaluation of the proposed conference.

Applications will be evaluated and ranked by an Evaluation Panel on their philosophical merits, and funding from the Fund will be distributed in line with these rankings. The total fund for 2023 is AUD4000 - no successful proposal will be allocated more than 50% of the Fund. 

Closing date: February 28 2023 6.00pm AEDT

Full details including Eligibility and Application HERE: 



Australasian Journal of Philosophy – EOI for Associate Editors

The Australasian Journal of Philosophy relies on a team of Associate Editors to assist in handling submissions in specialised subject areas. The Journal is interested in adding new members to our team, and in the interests of transparency, we are making an open call for expressions of interest in serving as an Associate Editor.

Details of what we are looking for, the expectations of the role, and how to apply, can be found HERE:
Expressions of interest are welcome now, and will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Subscribe to content alerts https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rajp20/current

Follow on twitter: @AustralJPhilos

Australasian Philosophical Review – Issues 5.3 & 5.4 + Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries
Current issues: Volumes 5.3 and 5.4 with lead articles by Craig Callender and Kwong-Loi Shun'https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/RAPR20/current

The APR is seeking proposals for open peer commentaries on: 

Dan Zahavi - "I, You, and We: Beyond Individualism and Collectivism"

Curator: Andrew Inkpin 

Invited commentaries from: Anita Avarmides, Sara Heinämaa, Arto Laitinen, Elisabeth Pacherie 

Proposal abstracts should be brief (up to 500 words), stating clearly the aspects of the lead article that will be discussed, together with an indication of the line that will be taken. More details are available on the APR website, https://www.aap.org.au/APR

The APR is seeking proposals for open peer commentaries on: 

Danielle Celermajer "The command of responsibility to a burning world" 

Curator: Dalia Nassar 

Invited Commentaries from: Lori Gruen, Kyle Whyte, Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, Emily Beausoleil, Krushil Watene, Anik Waldow 

Proposal abstracts should be brief (up to 500 words), stating clearly the aspects of the lead article that will be discussed, together with an indication of the line that will be taken. More details are available on the APR website, https://www.aap.org.au/APR

Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Australasia – Issue IV

Current issue: Volume IV

Winner of Best Paper and Best Paper (Member of an Underrepresented Group in Philosophy) Volume IV: Brigitte Assi, Australian National University for the paper, ‘Thinking About Sex: Pornography and the Intuitive Mind’

More information HERE: https://upja.online/volumes/volume-iv-2

Follow on twitter: @UPJA_Philosophy

Committee News

Philosopher’s Zone Episodes

The ABC Radio National’s Philosopher’s Zone and the AAP are pleased to announce a joint initiative, which involves the production of up to 10 episodes of the Philosopher’s Zone in 2023. Each episode includes an interview written and produced by a philosopher or philosophy student. The interviewees will also be philosophers or philosophy students.  

The first two episodes are now available: 

Louise Richardson-Self ‘On being a minority in philosophy’, interviewed by Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky, broadcast 2 February 2023:


Martin Kovan ‘A Buddhist perspective on the ethics of violence’, interviewed by Dimitri Vouros, broadcast 10 February 2023:


Postgraduates – Sagacity

Sagacity, an AAP postgraduate run magazine was launched in early December 2022. Sagacity is a place for topical, public philosophy, and platform for postgraduates to write and engage with important issues.
Make sure to subscribe for more content over the coming months!

Undergraduate Survey

The Undergraduate Committee of the AAP have created a survey with the intention of probing the level of engagement that undergraduates in the Australasia region might wish to have with the AAP. To help forge new experiences within the Australasian philosophical community, this survey intends to gather information so that we can create initiatives that best serve Australasian undergraduates’ interests. Please share with your undergraduate cohort.

The survey can be accessed HERE: https://forms.gle/S7rejr3yJehPRgNJ6.

Honours and Awards

The Honourable Pamela Tate KC AM FAHA – Australia Day Honours

The AAP Patron, The Honourable Pamela Tate KC AM FAHA, was recognised as a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia for her significant service to the judiciary, to the law and to legal education.

Jobs, PhD positions & Volunteer roles – calls for applications

Macquarie University – Lecturer (Continuing) in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence


Applications close:  6 March 2023

University of Otago – Pūkenga / Lecturer in Bioethics and Philosophy

The Philosophy Programme / Te Tari Whakaaroaro and Centre for Bioethics/ Te Pokapū Matatika Koiora invite applications for a full-time permanent (confirmation path) Lecturer / Pūkenga. This position is shared equally between Philosophy Programme / Te Tari Whakaaroaro and Bioethics Centre / Te Pokapū Matatika Koiora. The appointment will be made under the Māori Strategic Framework at the University of Otago, and specifically the goal: Pursue wherever possible the appointment of Māori academic staff or appointments in subject areas that relate to te ao Māori and mātauranga Māori. 

Job #: 2202129


PhD positions at University of Tasmania

The Philosophy and Gender Studies Program at University of Tasmania, Australia, is advertising PhD projects. Please see below for information about these PhD scholarships.

AAP, CEO, Expressions of Interest

Stuart Brock, the CEO of the AAP will be stepping down at the AGM in August after serving a little over four years in the role. As such we encourage those who are interested in submitting an Expression of Interest in the role. The new CEO will be appointed for a three year term with an option to stand again at the AGM in 2026.

Expressions of Interest should include:

1. A commitment to execute the responsibilities of the CEO as outlined in the attached Executive Committee and Board Charters (one line),

2. A statement outlining relevant leadership/admin experience (one paragraph max),

3. A statement of your leadership style (one paragraph max),

4. A summary of any key organisational issues they would like to address (one page max),

5. An indication about how you would facilitate indigenous communities to feel a sense of belonging and inclusion within the AAP (one page max),

6. An outline of your vision for the AAP over the next six years to be incorporated in the new Strategic Plan 2024-2030 (two pages max).

Key Governing documents, including the AAP’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024, Board and Executive Charters, can be accessed here: https://aap.org.au/about/governingdocuments/. A statement of CEO responsibilities can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IK0j94_wmKh2RzLzwpgE4Al48mr8dDey/view?usp=share_link.

Expressions of Interest will be considered by the Board in its March meeting, with the aim of endorsing at least one candidate at the AGM. Expressions of Interest should be emailed by no later than Thursday 9 March to admin@aap.org.au, with ‘CEO EOI 2023’ in the subject line. Those interested in nominating can email questions to chair@aap.org.au

Program Events – upcoming

Dianoia Annual Seminar in Language & Logic: Angelika Kratzer

2 March 9:00-11:00 (Melbourne) over Zoom. 

To receive the Zoom link for the seminar, please register at

The Diotima Prize: New One-Act Play Competition

($5,000 x 3) on the Intersection of Philosophy, Drama, and the Female Voice

Workshop: 25 March 2023

Registration deadline: 4 March 2023


Formal Epistemology Conference

25-27 May National University of Singapore 


Philosophy of Biology Meeting, Centre for Philosophy of the Sciences - CFA

21-23 June Australian National University


Abstracts due: 15 March 2023

Space, Time, and Location Conference 

10-14 July, Tarndanya / Adelaide


Registration deadline: 9 June 2023

IAPT 2023 – CFA

July 27-30, University of Sydney

We invite abstract submissions for the annual conference of The International Association for the Philosophy of Time. The conference will be held at the University of Sydney, Australia from July 27 to July 30, 2023. For up to 5 early career researchers with successful abstracts (including PhD students, and anyone who is at most 5 years out from their PhD) 2000 AUD of funding each is available to defray the costs of attending the conference. Abstracts should be 500 words long and prepared for blind review. Please send your title and abstract as a PDF document to iapt8sydney@gmail.com by the 1st April 2023, 11:59pm AEDT (with your name, affiliation and the title of the paper in the body of the email and ‘Abstract Submission’ in the subject line). We expect successful applicants to be notified by 15th April.

Philosophy and Literature: T. S. Eliot and Religion conference – call for proposals

28 October, Gabriel Marcel Institute of Philosophy, Sydney 


Proposals due: 6 April 2023.

47th Annual Conference of The International Merleau-ponty Circle - CFP

4-6 November, Deakin University


CFP due: 15 May 2023

Australasian Logic Colloquium (ALC) 2023 - CFP

6-7 November, Brisbane, University of Queensland


CFP due: 1 August 2023

Australasian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy 2023 - CFA
28-30 November, University of Otago 

We hope to include both individual presentations and panels of 2-4 speakers on figures and themes in seventeenth and eighteenth century philosophy.
Plenary Speakers: Karolina Hübner (Cornell) & Peter Thielke (Pomona)

For individual papers, please send two versions of an abstract of about 500 words. For panels, please send two versions of an abstract of about 1000 words. One version of the abstract should include authors' names and affiliations. The second should be prepared for blind review. Send abstracts by e-mail attachment as a pdf file to michael.lebuffe@otago.ac.nz. All abstracts will be acknowledged.

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