Level A, 0.6 FTE position, fixed term

  • 25 Nov 2010
  • Monash University
Level A, 0.6 FTE position in Philosophy at Monash

This position is a fixed-term (10 months), part-time (0.6) teaching
position, funded by teaching relief funds in research grants. The
successful applicant will make contributions to teaching in an
undergraduate philosophy program. The Department currently has
teaching needs in ethics, metaphysics, critical thinking, and
philosophy of mind. The successful candidate will be required to teach undergraduate courses in two of these areas. The successful applicant will also be expected to contribute to the research endeavours of the department. The area of specialisation is open.

For further details, including selection criteria, see Position Number
492156 at: <http://www.monash.edu.au/jobs/>

Enquiries: Toby Handfield <toby.handfieldATmonash.edu>

Applications close 25 Nov 2010.

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