Privacy Policy 

The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) collects and utilises personal information in the process of providing and implementing information and services to consumers including the Association’s members. 

This privacy policy will outline the following; 

- What information is collected. 

- How this information is stored. 

- How this information is utilised. 

- Your rights regarding your private information. 


The AAP runs the websites and The AAP uses the web platform called ‘Wild Apricot’ to administer and host these AAP websites. Wild Apricot uses ‘cookies’ in the running of the websites it hosts. Details on cookies including their definition, use and privacy concerns can be found here; The AAP uses Google Analytics which collects information such as your IP address and your geographical location. The AAP uses the data collected by Google Analytics to monitor the reach and usage patterns of the websites. Data collected by Google Analytics is not transferred to or stored for keeping by the AAP on the AAP’s servers. Data collected by Google Analytics on behalf of the AAP remains with Google and is subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policy of Google which can be found and accessed here: 

The above applies to all visitors to the AAP website, both public and members of the AAP. Members of the AAP who gain access through the login portal to the members only section of the AAP website are subject to additional privacy terms and conditions which will be outlined in the following section. 


In addition to the aforementioned privacy statement regarding the AAP’s website which is accessible to both members of the AAP and the general public, the following information regards members of the AAP. 

Membership Application Form 

When a person wishes to become a member of the AAP, an online membership form must be completed on the AAP website on the following page: Through this medium the AAP collects personal information about a member including; name, contact information including email address, telephone number and mailing address, organisational or institutional affiliation, membership level, membership options including subscription to the Australasian Journal of Philosophy and the Australasian Philosophical Review, website if applicable and an option to upload an image. In addition, a member consent must be agreed to agreeing to support the AAP’s purposes and abide by the constitution of the AAP. Mandatory information on this form is identified with an asterisk (*) and must be provided accurately as a condition of membership to the AAP.

The personal information collected by the AAP through the membership application form is used to administer and promote the business of the AAP. Personal information remains confidential within the AAP and is not shared with any external institutions unless explicitly stated in this privacy policy. Personal information collected by the AAP may be used for activities including but not limited to direct communication between the AAP and individual members, the distribution of member newsletters and notices, the notification and invoicing of renewal notices and general administration of the AAP membership database. Personal information about members is stored securely on the AAP server. 


For the purpose of administering memberships and other related services requiring payment the AAP offers a number of payment options. Invoices for payment will be sent on request and provide the payment options available at the time of invoicing. To send invoices the AAP uses personal contact information as set out in the previous section. One of the payment options offered is Paypal. When Paypal is used as a payment option, Paypal will collect additional personal information external to the AAP which is governed directly by PayPal’s privacy policy which can be viewed here: 


The AAP holds an annual conference in July which requires registration. A requirement of registration is that attendees must be current members of the AAP. For this, prior to conference registration, if the attendee is not yet a member of the AAP, they must become a member by completing the online member registration form and supplying the personal information stated in the membership section of this policy. Members register to attend the conference online and may be required to provide additional personal information which will be used solely in the planning and administration of the conference. Privacy information regarding the payment of conference fees is as stated in the payments section of this policy. 


The AAP offers and administers a number of prizes and awards annually. The provision of these prizes requires the collection of personal information for the purpose of nomination. Nominations are made through an external website which is accessed through the AAP website. The external website for the collection of nominations is Airtable which can be viewed here: Airtable provides an outsourced platform for the collection of information. The AAP hold an account with Airtable and as such, personal information collected through this medium are accessible only by authorised employees and committee members of the AAP and not by Airtable. Information required to submit a nomination includes name, institution, contact information and detailed information regarding the work/s being nominated. This information is used by the AAP Secretariat to determine eligibility of the nomination and to distribute where required. Nominations may be distributed to the various committees and judging panels required to award the prizes, all of whom have agreed to confidentiality requirements prior to receiving the information. The prize winners and in some instances the shortlist of nominations will be published on the AAP website and social media channels, namely Facebook and Twitter. The information published publicly through these platforms include name, institution, photograph and details of the work which won the prize or was shortlisted. Nominations may be made on

one’s own behalf or on behalf of another party. When the nomination is a self-nomination, it is understood that the applicant is aware of the public presentation of personal information should they be successful in winning a prize or being shortlisted. When a nomination is made on behalf of another party, it is required that the nominator has the consent of the nominee to provide the personal information and that the nominee is explicitly aware of how their personal information may be used in the administration of the prizes. 

Your rights 

Under the Freedom of Information Act (1982) you have the right to see what information the AAP hold on you. Should you wish to access your personal information, please email

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