Status of Women in the Philosophy Profession

The Committee makes recommendations, where appropriate, on how best to promote the status of women, and to devise and carry out projects that support women, in professional Philosophy in Australasia.

The Committee stands for inclusivity and women’s equality within academic Philosophy at all levels, with full acknowledgement that women’s challenges in this profession intersect with and are the product of broader socio-political factors. Issues pertaining to sex and gender equity are deep and difficult. As such, as philosophers we advocate for intellectual humility and open dialogue in good faith.

The Committee is fundamentally committed to advancing both equity and respect for diversity in Australasian philosophy, so that Philosophy's many benefits may be made as widely available as possible across Australasia.


Convenor - Catherine Legg - Deakin University

Lisa Ellis - Otago University

Moira Gatens - University of Sydney

Inês Hipólito University of Wollongong

Catherine Mills - Monash University

Louise Richardson-Self - University of Tasmania

Glenda SatneUniversity of Wollongong

Women in Philosophy Projects

Improving the Participation of Women in the Philosophy Profession

Gender Statements

Women's Works


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American Philosophical Association Committee for the Status of Women

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Women in Philosophy: What Needs to Change? - Book, published by OUP, ed. Katrina Hutchison and Fiona Jenkins


If you have ideas for further initiatives our Committee might spearhead, or would like to help us with our work, please feel free to get in touch!

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